Moderne Slate Shingle Types

Moderne Slate shingles are fast becoming the premium industry standard, because of their striking appearance, remarkable strength, environmental value.....and highly competitive pricing.

Beginning with the highest available grade of recycled plastic, the only 'extras' we add to our feedstock before manufacturing begins are a highly-advanced fire retardant, and the coloring chosen for that production run.

Inside our 'state-of-the art' injection-molding systems are a trio of unique surface patterns, made from quarried natural slate tooling. This means we can produce your roof shingles in a choice of four stylish colors and three natural slate surfaces – Full Square, Scallop Round and Fangate. If you prefer, these patterns can be mixed in any combination on your finished roof…. and many of our customers do just that. The result is absolutely the best roof you'll find anywhere – 'Rock Solid Beautiful'… Amazingly Durable… '100% Green'... and... 'Priced Right Every Time!

Scallop Round

Available Colors

Full Square

Available Colors

Fan Gate

Available Colors

See our customer samples for more precise shingle colors.

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