How does Moderne Slate Roofing compare cost-wise with other shingle options out there?
Moderne Slate is clearly the most competitively-priced Premium Roof System available anywhere in North America. Our lightweight shingles cost far less than real slate, which also requires structural reinforcing of every roof it's used on, in order to carry the extra load. We easily beat the lowest prices charged for metal roofs as well, and all other attempts to create functional roofing from recycled plastic or rubber. It is the case that Moderne Slate can be somewhat more expensive that standard 3-in1 asphalt shingles, but that's not really surprising.........given that they have to be replaced every 20 years or so, while Moderne Slate lasts a lifetime and beyond.
Is the installation process for your slate-type roofing system more complex and time-consuming than standard asphalt type shingles?
Moderne Slate Installation crews quickly learn that the process is quite similar to that used for traditional 3-in-1 roofing jobs, in terms of time and energy required. It is also made considerably easier using our innovative adjustable hip and ridge caps, which smooth the process in tight corners as well as areas with more complex roof lines.
How do you get the look and surface texture of real slate during production of your roofing shingles?
Moderne Slate's cutting edge technology includes surface profile tooling which comes straight from actual quarried slate. These patterns sit within our injection molding system and ensure that the high quality recycled plastic we use ultimately reflects one of three different slate styles – Full Square, Scallop Round or Fangate. The result is the extraordinary elegance of slate and the amazing durability of post-industrial elastomer composites.
How can Moderne Slate offer a lifetime transferable warranty on its products, when traditional roof shingles need to be entirely replaced every 20-25 years?
The strength and durability of the recycled plastic we use in making our shingles is simply unmatched anywhere. Any roof which can withstand 170 km per hour hurricane winds and rain, in an intensive government regulatory test environment without flinching for a second, can clearly be depended on to last a lifetime and beyond for our customers.